The Gardens

The property's outdoor amenities stem from the greens that are from its name. Botanika is all about lush gardens that lavishly span the entire property.

The Courtyard, The Sculptural Garden and Central Gardens gracefully meander through the village to lend refreshing green softness anywhere you look.

The Courtyard

The Courtyard is a sprawling, multi purpose lawn that lives up to its abundant open space that allow residents to do whatever they want - read a book, feel the morning breeze, gaze at the night sky, or even enjoy a sumptuous outdoor feast with the family.

The Greenhouse is likewise open for anyone who feels the need to embrace nature's confines.

* Lawn Space
* Green House

The Sculptural Gardens

Consider the ground a painter’s canvas and the plant life his paint. Here, nature’s masterful creations are innovatively accentuated to make your leisurely walks and restorative meditations beautifully worth your while.

Give the kids abundant space to play while you stretch out your fill for amenities even further as you head out to Palms Country Club* for some full-blown leisure

* Outdoor Play Area with Tree Houses
* The Palms Country Club Private Access*
* Amphitheater

*Exclusive for members of The Palms Country Club

Central Gardens

The Central Gardens is where green life emanates and flows. This garden trail gives you the semblance of being in a quaint neighborhood.

It has a landscaped pathway that connects them all - The Courtyard and The Sculptural Garden, as well as the three towers’ landscaped ground lobbies, each boasting of its own atrium concepts.

Tower 1 boasts of the Flow Garden with its verdant landscape and water feature that circles it. Tower 2 has the Line Garden with its colorful flowering plants and twirling shape, while Tower 3 highlights the Whirl Garden with its linear form in a distinct tone to the soft curves of its environment.

All three gardens have pathways for you to be among all the lushes making early morning jogs, leisurely afternoon walks, or after work runs an experience to look forward everyday.