Artist’s perspective of Botanika Nature Residences

Sustainable Living Now a New Form of Luxury

Filinvest’s luxury development Botanika Nature Residences will offer most residents a pleasant surprise: reduced water and energy bills. In addition to plush surroundings, highly efficient bathroom shower heads, water closets and other fixtures engineered to utilize less water than the traditional models, units have been designed to let in natural light and ventilation – the lack of which mean higher energy usage.

A conscious attempt to allow residents a more sustainable lifestyle is part of the new levels of luxury being offered by the premium, low density development in Filinvest City in Southern Metro Manila. Designed by US-based Architecture International and Leandro V. Locsin and Partners , Botanika’s three towers will each feature an atrium at the core to let in light and nurture the lush greenery strategically located along the balconies opening out to the central space.

“We will further match world-class architecture with lavish amenities such as a variety of gardens that connect to one another and upscale finishes inside the units including homogenous tile flooring and a grand entry door,” according to Catherine Ilagan, Filigree head. Nevertheless, residents are likely to most appreciate the conscious effort to use less resources while maximizing residents’ exposure to lush vegetation, an innovation in high-end condominium living. This scheme is key to Botanika’s goal to be certified green upon its completion by the Philippine Green Building Council through its BERDE program. The Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence Green Building Rating program aims to measure and verify the performance of buildings above and beyond existing mandatory building and environmental regulations.

“Overall, buildings contribute to global greenhouse gas emissions almost as much as transport does,” according to Rowena Ramos, principal consultant of Ecotektonika which advised Botanika’s managers on how to adhere to the BERDE guidelines. Botanika has set out to reduce water and energy consumption in addition to devoting as much as 70 percent of its 1.55-hectare land area to greenery as a means to improve air quality for its residents as well as the rest of the community.

Inside each of the units, great effort has also been exerted to ensure indoor air quality. All paint finishes are water-based acrylic that is lead-free and has low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and thus, emits little odor. The balcony door and windows which are all operable also provide cross ventilation. In addition, tinted tempered glass and balcony overhangs minimize heat.

Nevertheless, green advocates will most appreciate Botanika’s parking provisions. The parking floors will all be underground offering residents great convenience and easy access to their vehicles while preserving open green space for all. The parking floors have been constructed to support the gardens and lawn areas above with its top floor “essentially becoming a large green roof over the basements.” The “roof” will have depths of up to one meter of planting soil to accommodate the rooting systems of the trees and shrubs above it.
Moreover the green roof system will help manage storm water run off from the site. The walkways which will connect the buildings to one another will make use of previous pavers that will allow rain water to percolate down to the soil.

Ilagan comments: “We’ve designed Botanika to respect, complement and even give back to natural order of things. At the same time, we have not compromised on the details like lavish amenities focused on the lush landscaping, top-end finishes in the units and world-class architecture that contribute to the comfortable and gracious lifestyle sought after by our discerning clients.” Luxurious living has definitely found a new expression in this premium, low density development.